Rope simulation


We are happy to share with you a new version for the external object “jit.ropef” to create 3D ropes. In this version, we have added more control and better realistic behaviour. Now, momentum can be stored to allow the ropes to shake and realistically slow down (decay), and ropes can be pulled by an attraction point while joints can be controlled individually. You can download it now below for free.

The idea behind started when we only wanted to connect two shapes (planets) with wires but we could not resist adding them real physics and forces. The exciting part is that the algorithm can run really really fast because we are using approximated expressions for optimising the forces.

Here is a short tutorial we’ve made for version 1:

You will find in the zip file a .maxhelp file with guidance, a demo, and two externals that need to be installed. The jit.ropef is the engine that calculates the rope's trajectory and outputs a matrix so you can easily visualise it in your patch, and control attributes such as the stiffness, length, and external forces.

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We have also made two advanced implementations (the gifs below) that shows how to mimic cloth or high res shape with only a few objects, which can be used in your patch.


While both the externals and help file are free, we ask a small charge for the examples this time. Your support will allow us to keep creating and sharing more patches with the community in the future.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ll create with this update!

We're always happy to chat, collaborate and perform together so please reach out! 
Shalti & Gil

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